At Serenity, we are committed to making our collaboration succeed, and to making our clients achieve their business goals in the short- and long-term. 

We are in the business of delivering results with efficiency and going the extra mile for our clients.

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Our Vision

We are a locally-integrated company with a vision to reach and go beyond our limits in the bid to bring to you the utmost satisfaction in servicing your business and operational needs.

In our bid to maintain our integrity as a 100% local company, we have embarked on a number of aspects:

  • We put employees first; empowering them to believe in ideas that create value for our Clients;
  • Value-Centricity : we are dedicated to creating more value for our Clients, putting their interests ahead of ours and delivering value that goes beyond the contract;
  • Trust, Transparency and Flexibility: are our driving forces that step up our Clients’ business reality, and guarantee outcomes with great enthusiasm.

Our Culture

We challenge ourselves at doing better tomorrow than we did today. The culture of our company is about teamwork, customer service and a strong belief in excellence, day to day and at all levels.

The Management’s role at Serenity is to enhance and empower employees, while engaging actively with Clients to understand their needs and provide them with the best strategy to deliver the desired outcomes.

Our Strategy

Serenity delivers value-added business process services across the customer lifecycle. We offer a comprehensive suite of business process services tailored specifically to your line of business, through a combination of extensive domain knowledge, strategic alliances and internal competencies backed by leading-edge technologies.

Our endeavor is to deliver value-added services in Customer Management, Data Processing and Collections to build long-term partnerships with our clients and their end-customers. We leverage well-tuned processes and innovative Intellectual Property-based products to simplify complex business processes. We believe that real value lies in the relationship created between us and You, the Client, which is deeply-rooted in a strong value system which makes our hands-on management style unique. It’s a commitment that is reflected in our value proposition – Simply Efficient.